Dr. Mark E. Sowell, DPM | Matthew Daugherty, DPM


Vascular Testing

vascularTesting-VasamedPoor circulation is often the cause of severe foot pain. Additionally, poor circulation can limit one’s ability to heal a wound or surgical incision. Dr. Sowell feels strongly that proper assessment of circulation quality is imperative if we are to completely understand the patient’s condition and be able to set appropriate expectations to heal. Good circulation examinations start with discussing symptoms with patients, examination of skin changes and palpating pulses. However, sometimes additional testing is needed to get an accurate picture. Therefore, Dr. Sowell has invested in the Sensilase vascular testing system and he works closely with area vascular surgeons and interventional cardiologist to improve his patient’s vascular condition. Too often patients go untested due to the inconvenience of hospital testing and fear of invasive procedures. The vascular testing is done in our office on your schedule and does not require any injections.

The results of our vascular testing can be relayed electronically to the vascular surgeon, interventional cardiologist or primary care physician of the patient’s choosing and then Dr. Sowell will follow up with phone calls to make sure his concerns are being addressed. Foot pain is not normal. If you are experiencing foot and calf pain when walking, foot pain while trying to fall asleep or if you have noticed changes in your skin such as thinning, loss of hair or changes in color, you might need vascular testing. Please call us today.

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