Dr. Mark E. Sowell, DPM | Matthew Daugherty, DPM


Diabetic Foot Exam

ETFA_poster-001Annual Diabetic foot exams are a cornerstone of prevention for the diabetic patient.  The American Diabetes Association andmost other medical associations agree that early detection of diabetic foot risks decreases the likelihood of severe diabetic foot complications.  Therefore, at ETFA we take diabetic foot exams seriously.  Dr. Sowell has developed a series of examinations that best relate to early detection of risk and combined that with documentation easily communicates to other professionals the state of each diabetic’s foot health.  Dr. Sowell takes his role of being part of a medical team for his patient very seriously.  Additionally, diabetic patients are staged in risk categories to help educate the patient more clearly on their status and to provide clear instruction on how to care for their feet.  Each diabetic patient should leave with a better understanding of their level of foot risk due to diabetes, instructions on how to protect themselves from complications.

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