Dr. Mark E. Sowell, DPM | Matthew Daugherty, DPM


Corrective Surgery

ContentPhoto-heelSpurDr. Sowell is well known for taking a very conservative approach to foot care. He often times can avoid surgery for his patients through orthotics, shoe modifications, therapies and injections. However, there are times when foot surgery is needed and Dr. Sowell has to perform most of these, either in his office or local hospitals and surgery centers. He performs surgeries such as fracture repairs, bunionectomies, hammertoe repairs, removal of foreign bodies, excisions of neuromas, heel spur surgeries, and complicated wound debridements almost exclusively in surgical suites. Dr. Sowell has been on the leading edge of several surgical approaches in East Texas and continues to pursue techniques that reduce down time for patients. Less complicated procedures such as ingrown toenail surgeries, wart excisions, skin and nail biopsies and small lacerations are typically performed in one of his two locations.


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