Dr. Mark E. Sowell, DPM | Dr. Matthew Daugherty, DPM



orthodics_001Many painful conditions of the feet are due to biomechanics. That is how our anatomy functions to create activity, or walking. Often times, subtle changes in gait, flexibility, activity and range of motion can lead to sore achy feet and often times very painful feet. Dr. Sowell has spent much of his time, even after medical school, studying how the foot should move and learning how to recognize changes in the foot that lead to this pain. He has developed a protocol for orthotic therapy and, when necessary, he can change how your feet move while walking. Often times this will lead to a reduction in pain and a return to a healthy active lifestyle.
orthodics_002Our orthotics are custom made devices that go in your shoes, much like an insole, but requires a prescription and is made from a mold of your feet. They are made to handle your body weight and Dr. Sowell’s prescription makes adjustments to counter the mechanics that are causing your foot pain. Much like eyeglasses, orthotics do require the patient to get used to them but after that period they can have a dramatic effect on the entire anatomical chain.

If you work on your feet, if your feet hurt when you get out of bed or if you have sharp pains in your feet or heels then orthotics might improve your quality of life. Come in and let Dr. Sowell evaluate your foot biomechanics and he will let you know where you stand!