Wound Care

The doctors at East Texas Foot Associates want to be your wound healing partners! We are committed to providing personalized, effective and advanced treatments to improve your ability to heal your lower extremity wounds. Lower extremity wounds can be complex and challenging to heal. We play a vital role on your medical team, having a thorough understanding of your condition, carefully listening to your concerns and providing years of experience in helping thousands of East Texas residents heal their wounds. We also focus on preventing a wound’s return after we get it healed.

Just like our patients, each wound is different. It is important to determine the underlying cause of a particular wound that is being treated. Having a full appreciation of our patients and the cause of a wound permits us to identify and address factors that may be impeding wound healing. We will guide you in corrective measures that are made to improve your wound healing potential. We spend time educating each patient concerning their risk factors and ways to reduce them. This is a team event and we want to help where we can. This is done through educating our patients and treating any risk factors that negatively affect wound healing.
Maintaining and promoting a healthy wound environment and wound bed is essential for proper wound healing.

Call East Texas Foot Associates today and let us help you avoid severe foot complications through the most modern medical advances and years of experience in healing foot wounds.

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