I’m often asked why I became a podiatrist. Well one of the best things about being a podiatrist (other than the glamor of it all) is that I get to provide a very diverse set of services to a very diverse group of patients in very diverse medical settings.  My care can range from basic foot care to complicated surgical repairs on patients ranging from newborns to over one hundred years of age.  I work in nursing homes, two private offices and multiple hospitals and surgery centers.  As you can see, one of the great things about podiatry is that it is unlikely to get boring.  To top it all off, almost all my patients have less pain when they leave than when they arrive so, usually, they are very happy to see me!  Did you know that about 5 percent of the US population sees a podiatric physician each year and there were more than 55 million patient visits in 1995 and there are about 10,735 active podiatric physicians in the United States today? There is an average of one podiatric physician for every 24,624 people.

Podiatry has proven to be a very satisfying choice for me.  It keeps me busy and allows me to help relieve the pain of many of my patients.

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