Just a quick note of explanation concerning wart infections of the feet.  There are many theories concerning how a wart survives on a foot that can often confuse our understanding of treatment.  I like to explain to my patients that a wart is a viral attack on the skin usually from a puncture wound, blemish or any break in the skin.  The virus finds its way into the enemy territory of our skin and begins to build a fortress and fly its flag!  The virus slowly collects its own blood supply, nerve supply and begins topush the skin around it further and further out.  The reason the wart is able to establish this beachead in our skin is that it does not go deep enough into the skin for the body to realize it is being attacked!  It just stay near the surface above the basement membrane.  In a healthy patient if this level of the skin is broken by the wart then the body would send an immune response that destroys and rejects the wart tissue.  Therefore, most treatments you see not only try to destroy the wart itself but also try to get the body to pick up the fight against the attacking virus.  Please consult a podiatrist if you feel you need help against the war on warts.

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