One of the most common foot conditions Dr. Sowell sees everyday is painful onychomycosis.  That is to say that fungal nails have become very common in our society today and it is estimated that over 35 million people have fungal toenails in the United States alone.  Fungal toenails are characterized as being thick, yellow, crumbly and abnormal in growth.  They often times become very painful and can be embarrassing for patients.  At Sowell Podiatry we take this condition very seriously and address it with a protocol that should provide a higher success rate.

1)      We clean and sterilize all instruments properly using autoclave and chemical baths for each instrument that touches a patient.

2)      We biopsy toenails before treating the toenail to verify that the condition is in fact caused by a fungus.  There are some conditions such as micro-trauma and psoriasis to name a few that mimic onychomycosis.

3)      We provide in depth debridement services for fungally infected toenails to reduce their risk of spread.

4)      We measure and record fungal infection to determine if the condition is getting better.

5)      We offer multiple treatment options to help the patient find a treatment course that fits their goals.

At Sowell Podiatry it is our goal to reduce the spread of fungal toenails in our community and we do that one toe at a time.  If your toenails look abnormal, yellow or painful please give us a call.

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