The Core Values of Sowell Podiatry

  1. Diagnosis and treatment are not enough. Patients need to be educated on their condition, treatment options and prevention.
  2. Excellent customer service is our goal.
  3. We provide the highest level of podiatric care available through our constant education.
  4. We strive to reduce diabetic foot complications for our patients, and our community, though education, compassion and service.
  5. Excellent care and customer service will grow our practice through patient referrals.
  6. Nursing home residents deserve the same care and compassion as any patient in our practice.
  7. We respect our patient’s privacy in all ways.
  8. We are available to our patients in their time of need, even if it is after hours.
  9. We provide a clean and comfortable office environment where all instruments are stored and sterilized appropriately.
  10. We desire to improve continuously and seek input from our customers to help us.

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