Rest Pain

Rest Pain

Rest pain is a pain that is typically felt in the feet and legs while trying to fall asleep. Patients will describe a burning that often requires them to get up and move around or to hang their feet off of the side of the bed. Some patients will even sleep in a chair to avoid rest pain. This can be a sign of significant arterial circulation disease and should be addressed immediately. Please seek your podiatrist or primary care physician to see if your burning is due to arterial disease.

Additionally there are other symptoms concerning arterial disease that should be followed up with your doctor. Pain in your calf muscles that occurs when walking can also be a sign of circulatory disease. Some patients say my legs give out, my legs start burning or have to sit for a while and wait for the pain to go away. Then they get up and walk about the same distance before experiencing the pain again. This is called intermittent claudication and is another sign of arterial disease.

It is not normal to have foot or leg pain while walking, resting or trying to fall asleep. Call Sowell Podiatry today if you are having these issues. We offer in office vascular testing that is easy and is non-invasive. We can help.


The information contained in this article is not intended to provide advice for individual problems, nor to substitute for professional advice or care from a physician. For answers to specific questions concerning your personal circumstances, you should consult your physician directly.

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