I’m sure most of you read the papers, watch the news and realize that the landscape of medical practice in America is rapidly changing. Sometimes in small subtle changes within particular specialties, rules concerning various types of care, and sometimes in massive reimbursement cuts across the board.  As these changes occur there are certain realities that doctors have to face.  The cost of practice is rising, reimbursements are falling andthe requirements placed on doctors concerning reporting and paperwork are skyrocketing.  As these factors change physicians, not just podiatrists, are forced to make difficult decisions concerning how they will practice in the future.

After approximately twelve years of private practice, it has become clear that Sowell Podiatry must change its practice model to remain viable in this new environment.  When I realized this I had great concerns that these changes might force me to lower the level of care I have provided to my patients and I have carefully considered many options for my practice.  It is my conclusion that Sowell Podiatry would be most effective and more efficient working as part of a group of podiatrists.  This will help to lower costs, increase efficiency and allow me to work with other podiatrists in East Texas to increase the level and quantity of podiatric services available to our patients.

It is with great pleasure that I announce the merger of two podiatric practices…Sowell Podiatry and East Texas Foot Associates!  There are many details to work out but I am very comfortable that the level of care we provide will not drop and we will be able to practice in a more cost effective manner that will allow us to do what we love, care for patients, in today’s medical environment.  I feel it is the best of both worlds and the combination will mean that our practice has four podiatrists in nine East Texas towns and over thirty nursing home facilities.  I have met each of the doctors multiple times and I look forward to working with each of them moving forward.

Many more details will come but I wanted to keep you posted on the latest news at Sowell Podiatry!

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