Sowell Podiatry has designed a new website.  In that process I have rewritten our core values in a way that makes more sense.  Even though they are the same generally, I thought I would repost them on this blog as they stand today:


We provide the highest level of podiatric care available.
We educate patients on their diagnosis and treatment options, as well as provide a plan for prevention.
We strive to reduce diabetic foot complications for our patients, and our community, through education and early intervention.
We treat all patients with compassion and care, including the patients we see in nursing homes.
We are available to our patients in their time of need, even if it is after hours.
We respect our patient’s privacy in all ways.
We provide a clean, comfortable and professional office environment.
We remain on the cutting edge of podiatry through education and innovation.
We seek to improve continuously and seek input from our patients.
Our practice will grow through satisfied patients and their referrals.


ps. Check out our new website at  !!

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