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We provide the highest level of Podiatric care available.

ETFA_foot-thumbDr. Sowell loves his patients. He spends time getting to know each one and feels he is very fortunate to be in a profession that can provide so much pain relief! He calls them at home, checks on their care, visits at hospitals and seeks advice on cases that need outside help. Dr. Sowell also loves podiatry. He constantly reads medical literature, attends medical conferences and discusses interesting cases with fellow podiatrists. He particularly enjoys diabetic foot care, wound care, foot surgery, sports medicine and vascular assessment. In clinic, he trains his staff on common foot conditions and helps them prepare for various patients by discussing the disease and variations in its treatment. Our staff also performs various tasks around the office so they are cross-trained and have a better understanding of the wide variety of care we provide at Sowell Podiatry. We have two podiatry offices, provide care in over fifteen area nursing homes and perform surgery in three area hospitals and two surgery centers!


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